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Teaching, advising and mentoring are central to my motivation and professional identity as a ‘teacher-scholar.’ Interacting with students is hugely important to my intellectual work, both for developing, testing and disseminating ideas, and since education is a primary substantive research interest in my work on promoting and developing democratic citizenship.

Moreover, through my own educational journey I have come to believe passionately in the transformational power of college-level education. I am proud a first-generation college student, and having experienced the immense growth my own journey has provided, through undergraduate and graduate levels in the UK and US, I am strongly motivated in my professional work to helping those students forging their own journeys today—and tomorrow.

My primary objective as a teacher is to engage students as partners in their own learning. This means working to help them develop their substantive knowledge on the fundamental ideas underpinning political life, to become confident and effective communicators and to critically analyze political claims, and to explore and further their pursuit of intellectual curiosity and enrichment. These things I do reflectively and with an emphasis on my role as a guide and partner: my students are always the primary focus, the stars of the show, if you will.

Beyond the classroom, I believe strongly in paying forward the benefits I have accrued through my own learning and experience. I strive to make myself available when students wish to talk about their academic interests, curricular choices, and career plans. Beyond the ethical commitment, I have found that offering informal mentoring and advising to a range of students has provided an invaluable venue to challenge and develop my skills as a teacher and mentor.

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Teaching Experience

I am immensely grateful to have been given substantial opportunities at Brown and elsewhere to develop as an educator over the past several years. This page contains a record of my teaching experience. Please see accompanying pages for further detail on my work in leadership and citizenship education, and a collection of student testimonials.

As Instructor (sole responsibility)

Adjunct Lecturer in International and Public Affairs, Brown University, spring 2016:

  • Values, Policy and Politics. Writing-designated sophomore seminar.
  • Education Policy Challenges: Promoting Citizenship and Social Justice. Writing-designated upper-level research seminar (juniors, seniors, Master’s students)

Teaching Fellow, Political Science, Brown University, 2014-15 session:

  • ‘Crafting Citizens: Democratic Theory and Civic Education,’ Writing-Designated upper-level Research Seminar, fall 2014. Syllabus »
  • ‘Democracy and Crisis in Political Theory: Freedom, Order, and Emergency Politics,’ Writing-Designated upper-level research seminar, spring 2015. Syllabus »

Brown University Leadership Institute, 2013 & 2014 (summer):

  • ‘Ethical Leadership: Theory into Practice’ (sole responsibility)
    Devised and delivered a two-week summer Leadership Course. More information »

Summer@Brown Pre-college program, 2014:

  • Democracy and Crisis: Freedom, Security, and Emergency Politics
    Devised and delivered a two-week pre-college course.
    Syllabus »

Yale University, Yale Young Global Scholars Program (New Haven, CT), 2012 & 2013:

  • Senior Instructor, several sessions (including service directing writing program and crisis simulation, and policy brief mentoring). More information »

Advising & Mentoring

  • Honors Thesis Advising: Reader, Kevin P. Carty ’15 (A.B. Political Science, Theory Track), ‘Out of the State and Into the Street: The Role of Public Political Action in Realizing Liberal Democracy,’ 2014-15
  • Marshall Brief Project Team Mentor, Yale Young Global Scholars Program, summer 2012 & 2013, more information »
  • Writing Program Director, Politics, Law and Economics, Yale Young Global Scholars Program, summer 2012, more information »
  • Informal advisor and mentor to various students, 2011-present, mentoring student testimonials »

As Teaching Assistant (section leader, grader)

Political Science, Brown University, Sept 2010 – May 2014

  • Introduction to Political Thought, Lecture course, Prof. Alexander Gourevitch, fall 2013 and Prof. Sharon R. Krause, spring 2011
  • Prosperity: the Ethics and Economics of Wealth Creation, Lecture course, Prof. John O. Tomasi, fall 2011
  • Constitutional Law: Governmental Powers, Lecture course, Prof. Steven G. Calabresi (visiting faculty, Northwestern Law), fall 2010
  • Introduction to International Politics, Lecture course, Prof. Rose McDermott, spring 2012
  • City Politics, Lecture course (American Politics/Urban Studies), Prof. James A. Morone, spring 2014

School of Professional Studies, Brown University, Summer 2015

  • Political Theory and the Law (3-week pre-college course), Kevin J. McGravey, June 2015
  • Lessons in Leadership (3-week online pre-college course), Dr. Minh A. Luong, forthcoming July 2015

Guest Lectures

Brown University

  • ‘Inherent National Powers: Fong Yue Ting v. United States and the Power to Expel Resident Aliens,’ for Constitutional Law: Government Powers (Prof. Steve Calabresi), November 2010.
  • ‘Rousseau’s Discourse on Inequality,’ for Introduction to Political Thought (Prof. Alex Gourevitch), November 2013.

Experience and Innovation

Teaching and Learning Elements Used:

  • Class blogging
  • Online discussion boards and class wikis
  • Lectures and mini-lectures
  • TED-style talks
  • Movie and video clip discussions
  • Parliamentary-style debate
  • Mock court hearings
  • Values auctions
  • Crisis simulation
  • Role-playing group deliberative exercises
  • Individual and group thematic presentations
  • Short-form quote selection and analysis
  • ‘Traffic-light’ visual feedback on papers
  • Mini paper conferences (student-led peer review)
  • ‘Thesis-and-answer’ one-sentence group discussions

Online Teaching and Learning Fluency

  • Proficient with Canvas (Instructure), Banner, and Google Apps online portals/systems
  • Completed ‘Facilitating Learning Online,’ three-week in-house training in online teaching and learning for instructors, Brown School of Professional Studies, June 2015

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P. Terrence Hopmann Award for Excellence in Teaching
Department of Political Science, Brown University, April 2012

Awarded for TA service to POLS 1150, Prosperity: The Ethics and Economics of Wealth Creation (fall 2011).

The P. Terrence Hopmann Award for Excellence in Teaching is usually awarded to one Teaching Assistant per semester to honor outstanding work. Recipients are selected by the Graduate Affairs Committee of the Political Science faculty based on student evaluation scores and comments, and nominations by the students’ faculty instructor.

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