Professional Experience

I served in a number of professional roles in graduate student recruitment and marketing at Cardiff University (Wales, UK) before commencing my doctoral studies in the United States. I maintained a professional engagement with the broader functions of higher education administration these interests through related service opportunities during my graduate work at Brown. These activities allowed me to further develop my substantive knowledge and strategic awareness on issues relating to higher education administration, advising, curricular development and student support. This work also afforded me the opportunity to further hone my leadership and advocacy skills.

I view these capacities as fundamentally important to my vocation as a professional teacher-scholar and they have enhanced my research and teaching, as well as my ability to contribute as a supportive colleague and member of a university campus community.

This page documents my professional experience across a range of functions in higher education administration to date.

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See also my Academic CV and Select Professional Resume.

Higher Education Employment and Advocacy Positions

President, Brown Graduate Student Council (GSC), January-August 2013
Volunteer Advocacy/Student Representation Organization


  • Chief advocate and liaison to the Graduate School, University Administration, Corporation, and wider community for graduate students (elected by the Graduate Student Council)
  • Chief Executive of a volunteer advocacy organization with c. 70 representatives and an annual operating budget of c. $100k
  • Head of a ten-member volunteer executive board, setting overall strategy, maintaining effective team collaboration and motivating colleagues

Key Achievements:

  • Improved graduate student relations and visibility within the university community and created new, more consistent connection with the Office of the President and the Faculty Executive Committee
  • Secured $30k in financial support from multiple administrative offices and liaised with personnel in facilities management to deliver furnishing and decorative improvements to the Graduate Student Lounge (sole exclusive graduate student social space on campus)
  • Created new international graduate student advocate position, laying groundwork for improved advocacy for the needs of international graduate students
  • Led the drafting of a motion by GSC calling for the extension of the University Ombudsperson office remit to include graduate students, providing confidential advice and liaising with faculty and administrative colleagues and presenting the GSC motion in a timely manner to increase awareness and support for this policy change, which soon took place

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Secretary/Communications Director, Brown GSC, January 2012-December 2013


  • Record keeping and maintenance of GSC membership records, Constitution and By Laws
  • Liaison with departmental representatives and encouraging continuity of program representation
  • Coordinating and developing GSC’s external communications (e.g. website, facebook, twitter), and ensuring effective coordination with the Graduate School’s Communications Director
  • Providing strategic advice and support to the GSC President and Vice President, and attending high-level meetings with Graduate School administrators

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Postgraduate Recruitment and Widening Participation Officer, Cardiff University (Wales, UK)
Public Relations and Communications Division, August 2006 – July 2009


  • Operational deputy to the Head of Postgraduate Recruitment (and temporary promotion to Acting Head—see below)
  • Management of the University’s online information provision for prospective postgraduates
  • Research into strategies for widening participation at postgraduate level among under-represented groups
  • Lead executive and buying authority for the placement of online and print advertising for postgraduate degree programs
  • Representing Cardiff University at a range of UK/EU postgraduate recruitment exhibitions
  • Marketing advisor to faculty committees e.g. Graduate Development Committee, Graduate Open Day Steering Group
  • Lead postgraduate recruitment contact for approximately 14 academic schools, providing recruitment support and market research advice, particularly in the development of new postgraduate programs and increasing market share of high-quality applicants

Key Achievements:

  • Project-managed the design, development, testing and release of a new online funding and scholarship search for prospective postgraduates (along with technical oversight from web development officer)
  • Project-managed the production of c. 10 print publications for school postgraduate programs
  • Delivered continuous improvement and development of information in the online Course Finder database, including line management of junior and student employees
  • Negotiated and developed bulk-advertising packages with external suppliers, enabling more frequent and cost-effective online advertising of postgraduate programs and funding opportunities for academic schools
  • Served on interview panels for two appointments to junior and senior staff positions within the postgraduate recruitment team

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Acting Head of Postgraduate Recruitment, Cardiff University (Wales, UK)
Public Relations and Communications Division, October 2007 – April 2008


  • Exercise team leadership and managerial responsibility for Cardiff’s core UK/EU postgraduate recruitment activities
  • Line management of two other permanent members of staff and one temporary, full-time project assistant
  • Responsibility for the team’s financial activity (total budget: £109k p.a.);
  • Provide strategic leadership in efforts to expand the postgraduate community;
  • Management, oversight and delivery of Cardiff’s annual 2007 Postgraduate Open Day event and 2007/08 representation at a range of UK/EU postgraduate recruitment exhibitions
  • Full project management responsibility for all centrally-developed postgraduate print and online advertising

Key Achievements

  • Managed planning and successful delivery of the University’s annual Postgraduate Open Day in November 2007, involving participation of all academic schools and attendance by c. 400-500 visitors to campus
  • Edited and project managed Cardiff’s 2009 Entry postgraduate prospectus (completed June 2008), requiring liaison with all academic schools and core administrative divisions on the updating of their entries, design and print sign-off responsibility
  • Contributed marketing advice to a team at the University’s Registry division for the development and launch of Cardiff’s bespoke Online Application Service.
  • Managed the development of a new visual format for Cardiff’s school-specific postgraduate literature, in collaboration with publications officer and external design company
  • Successful induction and line-management of a new Executive Assistant during his probationary period

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Committee, Campus and Community Service

Brown University, Graduate School, and Community

  • Graduate Council, September 2013-present
    Faculty Committee for Graduate School Policy, Program Review and Approval
  • University Resources Committee, 2012-2013
    Faculty Committee, recommends the annual capital and operating budget to the President
  • Strategic Development Committee on Reimagining the Brown Campus and Community, 2012-2013
    Graduate Student representative contributing to infrastructure component of ‘Building on Distinction,’ Brown’s 2013 strategic plan, including stakeholder engagement and contributing to draft report for the President and Provost
  • Student Conduct Board, 2011-2013
    Empanelled to adjudicate alleged offenses under the Code of Student Conduct
  • Convener, Graduate Political Philosophy Workshop, spring 2012
  • Alumni Interviewer, Brown Office of Admissions, 2013-present

Cardiff University: Student and Staff Service

  • Secretary, Postgraduate Open Day Steering Group, 2008-2009 (as staff)
  • Oversight Group Member, Online Application Service Development Team. 2007-2009 (as staff)
  • Marketing Advisor/Officer Attending, Graduate Development Committee, 2007-2009 (as staff)
  • Departmental Representative to the Faculty, Philosophy 2003-2004
  • Student Representative, Academic Quality Assurance Committee, 2002-2004
  • Student Representative, Politics and Philosophy Departmental Staff-Student Panels, 2002-2003
  • Chair, Students’ Union Council (twice elected), Cardiff University Students’ Union, 2001-2003; Departmental Representative, 2000-2003

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Professional Development

  • Leading and Managing Teams – completed six-week professional leadership training course recognized by the UK Institute for Leadership and Management, provided by Cardiff University Organizational Development team