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‘Crafting Citizens: Facing Controversy and Teaching Citizenship’ (TED-style talk, via YouTube)

I’m delighted to be able to share my TED-style talk, delivered at Research Matters! Celebrating New Ideas and Discoveries, a Brown Graduate Symposium on September 27, as part of Brown’s Fall Weekend Celebration in honor of the university’s 250th anniversary–and marking 125 years of Ph.D. education at Brown.

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From the Graduate School Website:

Celebrating 125 years of graduate study at Brown, this symposium featured short talks by graduate students and alumni on “why my research matters.” Be inspired by the power of ideas and by the scholars who embody the extraordinary achievements of Brown’s graduate programs. With short compelling talks aimed at a general audience, Research Matters! showcases exceptional graduate student scholarship at Brown.

Research Matters! was co-sponsored by the Office of Brown’s 250th Anniversary, the Graduate School and the C. M. Colver Lectureship Fund.

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